Thalori Ecotourism Village Guesthouses are an integral part of the residential complex of Kapetaniana Heraklion Crete. These traditional houses are renovated with respect to their Cretan architecture, maintaining the fortress and monasterial elements associated with the history of the settlement. At the same time, special care was given to the preservation of the distinct identity of each house – guest room.

Stone and wood remain the dominant materials of the guesthouses whilst the natural rock is integrated harmoniously even in their indoor areas. The wooden loft, the stone arches, the utilitarian recesses in the walls and the stone-built fireplaces are still some elements of the traditional Cretan architecture which you will find here. This authentic Cretan atmosphere is complemented by the woven and embroidered carpets and fabrics, the handmade curtains and the traditional decorative objects. At the same time, Thalori’s Guesthouses are endowed with modern amenities such as flat screen TV, sound system, kitchen, personal care items in the bathroom, etc. Thalori offers double, triple, quadruple and quintuple guesthouses ideal for couples, groups of friends and of course, families.

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  • Thalori Traditional Ecotourism Village
  • Kapetaniana, Kophinas Municipality,
  • 70016, Heraklion, Crete.
  • Tel / Fax: +30 2893 041762,
  • Reservations No: +30 6976994896
  • MH.T.E 1039K070A0019801

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