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In the historic village of Kapetaniana, nestled in the Asterousia mountains, lies Thalori Traditional Ecotourism Village - a place where nature and its gifts are combined with fine accommodation and the best in traditional Cretan cuisine.

The name ‘Thalori’ comes from the Greek: Thalassa (sea) and Ori (Mountain) - two words that describe our geographic position - a rare coupling that provides a unique accommodation experience in southern Crete.

Combining the traditional architectural style of rural Crete with contemporary comfort, Thalori Traditional Ecotourism Village consists of 20 traditional houses - each with its own distinctive personality and integrated into the living village of Kapetaniana.

Below the village, Thalori’s farm and stables offer guests a chance to engage with pristine nature and the landscape in inspiring ways, and Thalori's restaurant continues the inspiration, offering a range of traditional Cretan dishes using the freshest locally-sourced ingredients.

Set against the sacred peak of Kofinas mountain and above the glittering Libyan Sea, experience the tranquility and richness of authentic Crete at Thalori Traditional Ecotourism Village.

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  • Thalori Traditional Ecotourism Village
  • Kapetaniana, Kophinas Municipality,
  • 70016, Heraklion, Crete.
  • Tel / Fax: +30 2893 041762,
  • Reservations No: +30 6976994896
  • MH.T.E 1039K070A0019801

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