Salamias is located between Ai Giannis and Tripiti. It is a secluded bight on the exit of a canyon, accessed only by sea, boat or difficult hiking. The landscape is unchangeable and offers total privacy, tranquility and a beautiful view towards Kofinas. The beach is suitable for naturism and underwater snorkeling or even fishing. Among the bights of Salamias, the most beautiful is the Vourlidia which is located in the west.


Katarti is a secluded beach at the exit of a small canyon at the base of Cape Oxa. It is approached from the path linking Ai Giannis and Tripiti, or by boat. While the beach is small, the scenery is dreamy as it is surrounded by tall cliffs along with white pebbles and emerald waters. Katarti is an ideal place to enjoy fishing.

Trafoulas (or Trachoulas)

Trafoulas (or Trachoulas) is a secluded, large and particularly beautiful beach with fine gray pebbles and deep clear waters, surrounded by towering cliffs. According to legend, King Minos used to swim here. The beach is located at the exit of the Canyon Pidimatou, and to reach it you have to walk a hiking path for about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can reach it by boat. Trafoulas is ideal for the fans of fishing and naturism!


Kaminaki is a beautiful, secluded beach located at the exit of Perivoliano Canyon. It has fine pebbles and deep waters which are ideal for fishing and underwater explorations. You can reach it by sea, as the canyon is quite rough. In the area of Kaminaki there are more secluded, deserted bays worth discovering!

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