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The village of Kapetaniana is built in a truly privileged position, in a natural "balcony" with breathtaking views of the Libyan Sea and the sacred peak of Kofinas. This is the place where the horizon meets the sea and the stone volume of Asterousia, history meets the myth and spirituality the modern Cretan hospitality. 

The archaeological findings indicate the continuous human presence in the area of Kapetaniana from Minoan times till today. In the area escaped the so-called "Eteocretans", the genuine Cretans, after the Dorian invasion while the habitation continued throughout the course of the Geometric, Archaic, Hellenistic and Roman periods.

In Christian times, the area attracted hermits and ascetics and became an important center of spirituality. In the location of the current settlement, the Monastery of Vathmou was established which later was named to "Panagia of Kyrie Eleison". Gradually, the monastery is transformed into a village with the church of Panagia as the centre; however, it gets deserted in 1744 upon repeated plague epidemics and under difficult conditions that were prevailing during the Turkish occupation.

Life returns to the village after the revolution of Daskalogiannis when residents of Asfendou Sfakion migrate here and establish the village of “Mikra Sfakia” which was later renamed to "Kapetaniana" due to the active actions of the residents in all the great revolutions of the 19th century. The German occupation halted the development and prosperity of the village, with many residents leaving, but in recent years, and with the contribution of "THALORI", the village acquired again a new life and became a pole of attraction for visitors from around the world.

Walk through the picturesque streets of the village, part of which are THALORI’s Guesthouses, visit the wonderful pictorial church of Panagia, meet the friendly people of the village, taste the products they produce, and of course, enjoy the panoramic view which offers magical scenery each time of year: from Kofinas bathed in crimson colors at sunset to one of the most spectacular starry skies you've ever seen, and from the spectacular storms with hundreds of lightning fading at the Libyan sea to the incessant passage of clouds with background the meeting of the horizon, mountain and sea. 

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