Art Residency

Thalori art residency for photographers was created in 2017 in Thalori Traditional village. It aims to create a collection of photographs by contemporary photographers, from the wider area of Asterousia. The content of this collection is related to the meeting of young photographers with the transcendental landscape of Crete, the authentic tradition of Crete and the survival close to nature. Thalori Art Residency for photographers was represented for three consecutive years in the portfolio reviews at the VoisOff festival during Arles Festival The choice for hosting the photos is made  by Maria Choulaki through portfolio review.

© Richard Petit

© Ioanna Sakellaraki

© Lia Nalbantidou & Maita Chatziioannidou

© Maria Choulaki


Emplacement - carte


  • Gîtes de Thalori
  • 70016 Kapetaniana
  • Héraklion Crète
  • Tél/ Fax: +30 2893 041762,
  • Numéro de Resarvation: +30 6976994896
  • MH.T.E 1039K070A0019801

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